Interior Design

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I met Ned by accident. We got to talking and I realized he was a designer. I had a project I had not been able to get off of the ground. I asked him if he could take an empty octagonal room and turn it into an elegant, functional library without my having to do anything accept say “yes, I like that or no I don’t like that.” He took on the project and did not disappoint. Aside from giving us the library of our dreams, he did it like a magician, smoothly, and effortlessly arranging for and controlling all trades people in a seamless, painless operation that produced results that are breathtaking.

Ned is easy to work with. He is an artist. He listens. He is compassionate, super competent, and cares deeply about what he is doing. He is on top of everything. If you are in his capable hands, you can relax and enjoy the experience. I would recommend him in a heartbeat!

Cynthia Kruse
My wife and I had a small project in our home. Ned created for us a intelligent comfortable design. Ned over saw the project until completion. We are very pleased with his work!
Michael Delott
Ned is very knowledgeable and passionate in his industry. He will help you make good design decisions. I would recommend him highly.
Donna Codell
Check out his website! Unusual and interesting designs. Ned is passionate and sincere about his work, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is serious about upgrading their home decor.
Rick Rogers
A Pleasure to deal with. Would recommend him to everyone.
Sherry Lerman
Ned is passionate. Knowledgeable and is easy to work with.
Mindi Newman
I’ve known Ned for quite some time. He is dedicated to giving his clients not only what they want but also what is best for them. He is interested in providing a quality service for all your home interior needs. Thanks Ned. Keep up the great work!
Nathan Raders